Volunteers Are Getting united

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  11. Hi Daniel, What a lovely photo of your ecar at home for the night. We are very impressed at the fact that your reached 90km! Readers of the blog should be made aware that the iMiEVs that we are using as part of The Great Electric Drive trial are pre-production cars which means that the range is less than the iMiEVs which are on sale in Ireland today. Our pre-production cars typically have a range of 70km which suits most of the population perfectly, according to the Census, 70% of the population drive 50km or less each day! But the iMiEVs that are currently available have a range of 110-120km.

  12. It is kind of interesting how at the end of last year, the word was already out that we would have high gas prices, and voila…we do. Ours are about a dollar less per gallon than yours, but it still…sucks! I drive as little as I can get away with.

  13. I saw a house near by that will be auctioned-it will have 2 previews on Sundays before the sale- what is the actual process? Will there be a minimum starting amount? Can we prebid before the auction or is it possible that it might be sold by another means other than the auction? What has been your experience?

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  18. I shudder watching Road Warrior which I think was known everywhere else as Mad Max 2, with all that Australian muscle turned into post-Apocalyptic highway trash. I guess I should start stocking up on the early to mid-80′s Camaros/Firebirds and Mustangs with the 5.0 liter engines.

  19. Wow … Langa dan desa di sekitarnya benar-benar bikin betah, seolah gak akan habis ditelisik. Kalau ada kesempatan, ingin tinggal di sana lagi, banyak yang belum dijelajah. Salam kenal. Kalo boleh tahu, tinggal di Jakarta?

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